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September 7th, 2012

And I quote

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85% of the Police Federation of England and Wales members are Constables.

As your Constables Committee we have a clear duty to ensure our voice is heard. This means managing politics at the top and ensuring the clear leadership we are mandated to deliver is delivered affectively.

Our Members are angry about pensions and the apparent final nature of negotiations which in turn has magnified calls for the Federation to get on with the promised ballot on full industrial rights.

We hear you and we are listening – this is why we need to urgently engage more.

It has long been a point of contention that existing protocols mean we on the national Constables Committee do not have access to the contact details of the people we represent – a protocol dating back to 1919.

But this is not 1919. In 2012, the Office of Constable has been eroded, and is teetering on the cusp of total destruction, falling in status and respect still further.

The time for niceties and archaic protocols are over.

We need urgently to communicate directly with the 103,000 Constables of the Police Federation of England and Wales so we can make important and lasting decisions together and deliver those policies in the interests of efficiency, welfare and conditions.

It is as important now to work with our regional Branch Boards as it has ever been – but there is growing criticism and concern among our Membership about the inability to communicate directly with Constables. This is plainly ridiculous and cannot continue.

This is why we are asking you to register at , in doing so we are able to capture your details, enabling us to contact you directly as well as giving you a free forum to share views.

Many major decisions will need to be made over the coming days, weeks and months – We want to involve every Police Constable in England and Wales in this.

This is a call to arms, circulate this and discuss it with your colleagues.

From the Chairman’s Office of the Constables of England and Wales.

Julie Nesbit, Chairman
Will Riches, Vice Chairman