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August 11th, 2012

Blade Runner

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Well, it’s one more day of Olympic fun then I guess the country will be back to slagging everyone off and smacking each other in the mouth.

Only the most jaded can fail to appreciate all the good that’s happened over the last 2 weeks. I don’t recall a quieter set of lates or nights as the shifts I’ve just done. It mad a pleasant change not to be stressed to the max in the control room as we seemed to have less jobs to deal with. One can only assume people have been too busy watching the Olympics to get on Facebook threatening to stab each other.

I never got to see any of the Olympics but my family did and they spoke very highly of the whole experience.

We’ve got tickets for the Paralympics, I’m really looking forward to seeing Oscar Pistorius in the stadium. Fortunately we managed to get tickets for a rest day, as getting any other leave before the end of October has been nigh on impossible.

It will be nice to get a taste of what everyone else has been doing this summer.

August 10th, 2012

Where there’s blame, there’s a claim

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Police searching for missing 12-year-old Tia Sharp have found a body, in her grandmother’s house.

This won’t be a surprise to many readers of this blog.

Nor will the ensuing stories over the next days and weeks blaming the police for anything they can.

August 9th, 2012

Go get ’em girl

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August 8th, 2012

That didn’t take long

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So the gold postbox, painted to celebrate the winners of gold medals in Team GB, for Jessica Ennis in Sheffield, has been vandalised.

The postbox has been quickly resprayed by the Post Office after someone “Go Jess” across it. I must admit, when I saw the headline on the BBC Sport website, I did expect it to have been vandalised to a different degree, maybe painted over, some racist comment or just general abuse. So it comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise that it was just some benign message, but even so, I guess if the Post Office wanted words of support scrawled across it, they’d have made a proper job of it.

It seems the people of Sheffield were upset or annoyed by it though. A local student said: “It’s on the main pub run round here and you’re going to get idiots doing this kind of thing when they’re tanked up. Too many drunk loons around of a night.”

So, a bit of over-exhuberant support or the work of a standard vandal?

August 7th, 2012

Get a life

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Back in the eighties, on the miners’ strike, we were thrown together with police forces from all over the country as we policed the mines around Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

One of the memories of those times is dealing with the thousands of “I’ve met the Met” stickers which appeared at every conceivable place. The Met officers loved plastering them over¬†everything¬†they could be that shop windows, mine signs, other police forces’ vehicles and equipment. Every other force utilised their efforts in defacing or removing as many as they could. It was regarded as a bit of banter.

I’ve not seen the stickers for a while but was interested to see that they appear to be going strong still, in fact they make the news today, after a Met PC has been ‘disciplined’ for sticking one of them on a Welsh police vehicle somewhere around London, while the North Wales officers were working in London.

It appears one of our Welsh colleagues complained about the sticker and two officers were investigated and one received “management action” and was referred to the Met’s Rubber Heel Department.

I don’t know whether I’m more surprised that at least one officer on a reasonable to large salary is paid to deal with complaints about putting stickers on another force’s vehicle, or that someone using that vehicle thought it was such a serious matter as to warrant an official complaint.

August 6th, 2012

This legislation is looking a bit dog-tired

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I’m not one for shouting about the need for new laws every time some story hits the headlines. I tend to take the viewpoint that most things can be adequately covered within existing laws rather than the creation of new levels of bureaucracy for what appears to be nothing more than political posturing and vote-winning.

Some cases do make you wonder though, for instance the guy who has been found guilty today of owning a dog dangerously out of control in a public place.

Symieon Robinson-Pierre, has been convicted after his pitbull attacked and injured five police officers who were carrying out a raid at his address. The law couldn’t apply in the case of one officer who was attacked by the dog while the officer was in the man’s garden, as the garden is private property.

Of the four charges brought in respect of the other officers, one was a not guilty after it was ruled that a second attack also took place in the garden, the other three charges stood and Robinson-Pierre will be sentenced in September. The dog was shot by officers after it was pinned to the ground with a riot shield.

It does seem strange that someone can be allowed to have a dangerous dog which can inflict serious damage on people who are on private property quite lawfully. Either the wrong legislation is being used or this is one law does need looking at.

August 5th, 2012

Thanks Dad

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I don’t see my dad nearly enough. He moved quite a distance away years ago and we’re lucky if we see him once a year.

The Olympics have reminded me of some special times with my Dad. Specifically the sailing.

My dad used to be a keen sailor, every weekend he was off sailing. He was a teacher and used to take the kids sailing, he organised sailing adventures and holidays during the summer breaks and although I didn’t go to his school, he used to take me with him.

He and a mate used to sail Ospreys, competitive sailing  at a club on the coast. It was a larger dinghy with a trapeze. I used to love going with him and getting out there on the trapeze, just like those folks this weekend in Weymouth.

By the time I was around 16 I used to go sailing on my own or with mates. We were quite lucky in the sixth form as sailing was a choice for the sports afternoons we used to get on Wednesdays. A group of us would head off to the nearest sailing club with a teacher in a minibus and spend a couple of hours.

Dad was a big fan of Rodney Pattison, an Olympic champion who won two golds and a silver at the 1968, 72 and 76 Olympics. He was Britain’s most successful Olympic sailor until Ben Ainslie won his third gold medal in Beijing.

I’ve been so glad that the BBC coverage has been widespread this Olympics, normally you’d only get to see some highlights of the Sailing, but I’ve been able to watch as much as I wanted. It is great to remember my childhood through these Olympics, and nice to think about my Dad a little more than I probably normally would.

I must give him a ring.

August 4th, 2012

Secret Lemonade Drinker

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Must be time for a pursuit…

August 3rd, 2012

Get in!

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Who can fail to be inspired by the work of the athletes performing for the world this week?

I’m loving the ¬†successes and efforts of the GB team. I guess¬†reveling¬†in the success of others is a reflection of the¬†disappointments¬†in my own life. I’ve always enjoyed playing sports but nothing of any significant level, unless you class playing for the first 15 at school a significant involvement in sporting success. Seeing them standing on the podiums and hearing the national anthem always brings a bit of a lump to the throat.

The cyclists truly are an inspiration, to see both the men and women getting golds and breaking world records, the rowing, the shooting, I’m loving it.

And still a week to go.

Come on Team GB!!!

August 2nd, 2012

A nice change

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A nice little story with a positive aspect on policing and the Olympics. Ok, it is written by an ex police officer but it’s good to see a story reflecting well on UK cops, for a change.

Needless to say, it wasn’t in the Daily Fail.

August 1st, 2012

And in other news…

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I’ve not seen the main news today so I’m not sure if this has featured.

Today marked the funeral of  Essex PC Ian Dibell, who was shot and killed after he intervened in a dispute whilst off duty.

When I did my daily Google news search for ‘Police’, this story came in around page 3 and the headline story was from an East Anglian local newspaper site.

The Daily Mirror reported that 150 mourners attended the funeral, together with a police honour guard.

Regular readers will be aware of the differences between how we treat fallen officers in the UK and how they do things in the USA. e.g here, here, here or here

It’s about time things changed.

PC Ian Dibell is recorded on the Police Memorial Trust website.