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August 21st, 2012

Apparently, we’re millionaires

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So today sees the announcement that police have seized one million vehicles from people with no insurance or driving licence, since powers were given so to do.

For the last seven years we’ve been taking uninsured vehicles off the road mainly because the driver isn’t insured or hasn’t got a driving licence. Most get returned on production of suitable documents, while the rest get crushed or sold.

The use of ANPR cameras in police vehicles has massively increased the chance of getting caught, but current estimates are that there are still 1.2 million uninsured vehicles out there.

With so many uninsured vehicles being taken off the road, one might think that there would be more insured vehicles and our policies might start to come down in price. I’m not sure about you but I can’t see any evidence of that in my family’s insurance bills. Maybe those who get caught driving without insurance just go and get another car not to insure. Sadly, the penalties for having no insurance often don’t even amount to the cost of an insurance policy, so it makes it a worthwhile risk to drive uninsured.

Still, 1 million vehicles has got to be a good pain in the arse factor for certain groups of society.