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August 14th, 2012

Lucky people

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Police in Northamptonshire have sent warning letters to  people who were caught filming a likely to prove fatal road traffic accident on the M1.

Police were on the motorway dealing with an overturned articulated lorry while the seriously injured female driver remained trapped in the cab.  As is so often the case, the traffic on the other side of the motorway ground almost to a halt as motorists slowed down to ‘rubber-neck’. Police became aware that many drivers were filming or taking photos, whilst driving, and turned a camera onto the opposite carriageway to film people driving one or no-handed as they passed the accident scene.

Eighty drivers were sent a warning letter pointing out the law in relation to use of mobile phones at the wheel, and failing to have proper control of a vehicle. A ROSPA spokesman has said they were lucky not to receive a ticket or a summons.

It’s not surprising really given the society we have created for ourselves these days. What is amazing is that nobody had an accident on the other carriageway, given the amount we normally have when people crash into the rear of other vehicles that have slowed down for a gawp.