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August 11th, 2012

Blade Runner

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Well, it’s one more day of Olympic fun then I guess the country will be back to slagging everyone off and smacking each other in the mouth.

Only the most jaded can fail to appreciate all the good that’s happened over the last 2 weeks. I don’t recall a quieter set of lates or nights as the shifts I’ve just done. It mad a pleasant change not to be stressed to the max in the control room as we seemed to have less jobs to deal with. One can only assume people have been too busy watching the Olympics to get on Facebook threatening to stab each other.

I never got to see any of the Olympics but my family did and they spoke very highly of the whole experience.

We’ve got tickets for the Paralympics, I’m really looking forward to seeing Oscar Pistorius in the stadium. Fortunately we managed to get tickets for a rest day, as getting any other leave before the end of October has been nigh on impossible.

It will be nice to get a taste of what everyone else has been doing this summer.