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August 8th, 2012

That didn’t take long

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So the gold postbox, painted to celebrate the winners of gold medals in Team GB, for Jessica Ennis in Sheffield, has been vandalised.

The postbox has been quickly resprayed by the Post Office after someone “Go Jess” across it. I must admit, when I saw the headline on the BBC Sport website, I did expect it to have been vandalised to a different degree, maybe painted over, some racist comment or just general abuse. So it comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise that it was just some benign message, but even so, I guess if the Post Office wanted words of support scrawled across it, they’d have made a proper job of it.

It seems the people of Sheffield were upset or annoyed by it though. A local student said: “It’s on the main pub run round here and you’re going to get idiots doing this kind of thing when they’re tanked up. Too many drunk loons around of a night.”

So, a bit of over-exhuberant support or the work of a standard vandal?