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August 6th, 2012

This legislation is looking a bit dog-tired

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I’m not one for shouting about the need for new laws every time some story hits the headlines. I tend to take the viewpoint that most things can be adequately covered within existing laws rather than the creation of new levels of bureaucracy for what appears to be nothing more than political posturing and vote-winning.

Some cases do make you wonder though, for instance the guy who has been found guilty today of owning a dog dangerously out of control in a public place.

Symieon Robinson-Pierre, has been convicted after his pitbull attacked and injured five police officers who were carrying out a raid at his address. The law couldn’t apply in the case of one officer who was attacked by the dog while the officer was in the man’s garden, as the garden is private property.

Of the four charges brought in respect of the other officers, one was a not guilty after it was ruled that a second attack also took place in the garden, the other three charges stood and Robinson-Pierre will be sentenced in September. The dog was shot by officers after it was pinned to the ground with a riot shield.

It does seem strange that someone can be allowed to have a dangerous dog which can inflict serious damage on people who are on private property quite lawfully. Either the wrong legislation is being used or this is one law does need looking at.