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July 11th, 2012

Due to recent budget cuts

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From the summer of 2012, his will be the new patrol vehicle.

July 10th, 2012

Rest in Peace

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PC Ian Dibell, 41

Essex Police

Who lost his life when he intervened, whilst off duty, in a violent dispute in his street  on 9th July 2012.

July 9th, 2012

Watch out for Mommy

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July 8th, 2012

It’s OK, I’ve told the Old Bill

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I’ve posted about the¬†general¬†attitude that seems to prevail these days that everything is someone else’s problem to deal with, usually the police.

Never more true is it than with teenage ‘missing people’. I say ‘missing’ because around 99.9 per cent of the missing people we have to deal with are not actually missing, they are merely recalcitrant kids who can;t be arsed to follow the rules laid down by their parents or frequently their ‘care’ homes.

It used to be that when someone rang up and said that Chelsea had walked out the door at 9 at night ¬†because she wasn’t prepared to miss out on a bit of fun with her mates, that we said “what are you doing about it?” If the answer was, as it usually is now, “nothing”, we said “Well best you get yourself and your family out there looking for her, let us know if she doesn’t turn up by tomorrow.”

Now everything is the police’s responsibility so we have to send police officers to do what any sensible person would believe is the job of the parents or guardians.

I’ve lost count of the number of times a log includes the words “I reported it to social¬†services¬†but they told me to call the police.” Like the police have the wherewithall to sort out the problems which make Chelsea want to bugger off whenever the hell she likes, anyway.

There was some government mouthpiece on the telly just last week¬†bemoaning¬†the state of care homes and the lack of supervision, whilst at the same time completely forgetting that the problem with care homes is that the government have overseen an ethos where kids now think their rights, needs and ¬†wants trump anyone else’s, and they believe they can do whatever they please, further, that carers and guardians have no rights such that when someone says they want to bunk off for the night nobody is prepared to actually either lock the fucking door or physically stop them walking off into the night, safe in the knowledge that all they have to do is ring the old bill and the buck is safely passed.

It is not unusual to get 4 or 5 ‘mispers’ on a late or night shift, every one of which will be someone gone for the umpteenth time. Usually ¬†4 or 5 of the parents or guardians will have done precisely bugger all to locate their missing ‘loved ones’ and even when we have, several of them will refuse to get off their arse and go and collect them, preferring to remain within the comfort of their own home while the old Bill waste their time and tax-payers money ferrying the little darlings half way across the county.

July 7th, 2012

I wouldn’t want to grapple with that!

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July 6th, 2012

Other Police Blogs

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I’ve had a another clearout of the police blog links. It seems more have fallen by the wayside over the last year, so I’ve deleted those which haven’t posted in over a year plus two which are private access only.

Gone are the likes of ¬†the Twining Chronicles, Blue Knight, You’re Nicked, Copper’s Blog etc.

If there are any good ones not on my list, let me know and I’ll add them.

Meanwhile 200 weeks leaves them all behind.

July 5th, 2012

And it came to pass

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I posted back in January how useful it might be to use the ‘Find my Phone’ App on the iPhone to maybe save someone’s life.

I’m not sure that Gloucestershire Police actually saved someone’s life, but they did use the App to locate a missing husband this week.

Reader, Ben, who I had a debate at the time of the original post, will be pleased to know that they used the App on his wife’s phone rather than breached any privacy in order to locate him, I’m pleased to say.

July 4th, 2012

Make mine a couple of donuts

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July 3rd, 2012


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A case out today with the result of a complaint against Fife Police in which a man had £600 confiscated from his address by police investigating an offence. After the investgation it was decided that the money should be returned to the man, although he was convicted of an offence.

Which was all well and good until Fife Police discovered that the cash had been stolen, from the police safe, by one of their officers. A detective not involved in the case resigned from the force and was subsequently convicted of theft.

The victim of the theft, put a poster up in his window saying that a police officer had stolen his money, he alleges he was visited 11 times by local police asking him to take the poster down. He made a complaint to the IPCC. The cash was later paid to him from police funds and he received an apology.

It’s not the details of the¬†complaint¬†which caught my eye when doing my daily trawl of police news, but the fact that it never ceases to amaze me what stupidity some officers will go to, to risk their jobs and possible freedom. It seems complete madness to nick ¬£600 and risk ¬£30,000 a year and a possible prison sentence, yet certain officers have nicked much less.

It does make you wonder.

July 2nd, 2012

Pass another violin

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Another day another expose of the government’s lies that cutting billions from the police budget will do no harm, nay, make service provision even better for the public.

The HMIC has calculated that over 32,000 jobs will be cut by 2015, made up of 5,800 front line officers and 7,200 non- frontline officers. Despite the claims by the government that no frontline officers will be cut.

A fifth of all front offices in the country will go as police stations close and forces look to save money by opening desks in supermarkets and libraries.

The HMIC also said that Lincolnshire, Devon & Cornwall and the Met were at great risk of not being able to provide an effective police service to their residents.

Meanwhile, POlicing Minister, Nick Herberts, said:¬†¬†“This report makes it clear that the front line is being protected overall and that the service to the public has largely been maintained. The proportion of officers on the front line is increasing, the number of neighbourhood officers has gone up, crime is down ‚Ķ and the response to emergency calls is being maintained.

He was last seen entering an office at Whitehall marked ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’.

July 1st, 2012

Is that the smell of smoke?

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So, recent research into the summer riots last year reveals that the UK police may not be able to deal with a similar repeat, due to the savage budgets cuts installed by the current government.

Whilst Theresa May sits around playing her violin with gay abandon while insisting that you can do more with less, policing is burning to its foundations all around her.

Check out the report in the Guardian.