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July 23rd, 2012

I see some parallels

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So the East Midlands Ambulance service are planning to close most of their ambulance stations in a bid to save money and increase efficiency.

Now where have I heard that before.

The EMAS was among the worst performers for responding to 999 calls within the set times and the bosses believe that by shutting 66 ambulance stations and replacing them with 13 ‘hub stations’ they will save (a¬†paltry) half a million quid and increase their success rate in response times by (a paltry) 5%.

I know the¬†parallels¬†might be slightly askew in that members of the public don;t routinely go to ambulance stations like they do with police stations, but you’d have thought they might look at the police experience first and see if that gave any hints.

We’ve been closing police stations for a few years now, though these days it’s kind of a wholesale process. I don’t recall seeing many reports from people who live in towns where police stations have closed, that they feel better served. Indeed, as a¬†member¬†of the public myself, as¬†ewe¬†all are, even police officers, and council tax payer, I don’t think me and my neighbours feel safer in our beds knowing there is nobody at the police station down the road every night and at most other times during the day, and that should there be an emergency, officers have to blue light it from a couple of towns away rather than 1/2 of a mile.

Still, I expect the ambulance service will be different and the current appalling level of service our citizens currently experience will suddenly be transformed once all the ambo stations are shut.