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July 17th, 2012

Same old, same old

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So, the workings of G4S has been described by a parliamentary enquiry as “a humiliating shambles“.

And this is the government’s favoured ‘partner’ to take on the role of many policing functions?

It comes as no real surprise, the people who make decisions on how the police run, either nationally or locally, have a long history of making poor choices. We have a radio system which falls far short of what was promised, which cost the country billions and works no better than the old system in many areas. We buy command and control systems designed by people who will never use them with functionality we never use and lacking things we could really do with.

We spend millions on PDAs which officers refuse to use because they are shite.

Does anyone know whether, in the bidding for outsourcing police functions, G4S were the cheapest by any chance?

Still, it’s not all bad news; ¬£400million has been wiped off the value of G4S following the current Olympic debacle.