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July 16th, 2012

Well that’s the first one

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The first of the little Weeks family graduated from university. I am now the proud father of a child with a First Class Honours Degree in Science.

She becomes the first member of the northern branch of the family Weeks to qualify with a university degree.  What’s more, she has got a job after just her second interview, in order to gain two years in the workplace before she can return for her Masters.

I had high hopes for her at uni, after all, she made head girl at school and obtained the best GCSE results in the whole district with one A and 10 A*s. It was great to realise that she had her dad’s brains and her mother’s good looks, there’d have been no hope if it was the other way round. (I jest, I’m actually quite dashing!)

Proud, much?

You bet.

And thankful that when she was making her life choices, law enforcement didn’t figure.