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July 15th, 2012

Would the last one to leave…

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I sometimes wonder whether the job is trying to get people to leave so they don’t have to make them redundant.

It’s the only explanation for the way they’re treating people, piss them off enough so that they leave, less hassle for HR.

Three people in the last 3 months have retired, they didn’t have to, but have just had enough. They won’t be replaced so I guess the department has saved around £90,000 without having to do anything. I know one of them was pissed off with not being allowed to take leave when he wanted it. He was in the control room when I was a probationer so he must have 34 plus years in the job.

Three people have taken career breaks, one for a year, one for two years and one for several years. I know one of them can’t take all the shite any more and is off to university with the hope of getting another career at the end of the course and not coming back.  That’s gotta be another £100,000 saved. None of them will be replaced because there is no recruiting.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting to hear whether they will accept my proposal to cut my hours. Rumours are that they’re biting peoples’ hands off to save money, so I’m hopeful of a positive result.