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July 12th, 2012

The future is bleak

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I was going to write ‘The future is G4S bleak” but I can’t figure a way how to put the correct code into a WordPress heading.

As more and more forces consider the option of selling out to the largest security company in the world, G4S, shocking news that G4S appears incapable of facilitating a drink fest in  building custom-built for the purposes of the consumption of hop-based alcohol.

The government have been forced to call in the Army, or rather, a larger proportion of the Army than they had already bargained for. Fortunately, the machinery to sack or retire thousands of soldiers hasn’t fully kicked in yet, otherwise they’d really be in the kak. This is because G4S have suddenly realised, 3 weeks before the games start, that they can’t actually deliver that which they promised when the shiny ¬£50 notes were waived in their corporate faces.

It’s a good job the Olympics is this year and not in 2013 when the Army & Police would be largely absent. Mind you, if we hadn’t spent those billions of staging the Olympics maybe we wouldn’t be sacking police officers and soldiers, and they could do the job they are actually paid to do rather than checking tickets at sports events.

Still it’s not all bad news. Apparently Surrey Police are having second thoughts about going into business with companies who can’t deliver.

Did I mention I can’t get any time off to watch the only event we got tickets for, or that I can’t get a bloody summer holiday this year for the first time in 33 years?