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July 3rd, 2012


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A case out today with the result of a complaint against Fife Police in which a man had £600 confiscated from his address by police investigating an offence. After the investgation it was decided that the money should be returned to the man, although he was convicted of an offence.

Which was all well and good until Fife Police discovered that the cash had been stolen, from the police safe, by one of their officers. A detective not involved in the case resigned from the force and was subsequently convicted of theft.

The victim of the theft, put a poster up in his window saying that a police officer had stolen his money, he alleges he was visited 11 times by local police asking him to take the poster down. He made a complaint to the IPCC. The cash was later paid to him from police funds and he received an apology.

It’s not the details of the¬†complaint¬†which caught my eye when doing my daily trawl of police news, but the fact that it never ceases to amaze me what stupidity some officers will go to, to risk their jobs and possible freedom. It seems complete madness to nick ¬£600 and risk ¬£30,000 a year and a possible prison sentence, yet certain officers have nicked much less.

It does make you wonder.