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July 2nd, 2012

Pass another violin

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Another day another expose of the government’s lies that cutting billions from the police budget will do no harm, nay, make service provision even better for the public.

The HMIC has calculated that over 32,000 jobs will be cut by 2015, made up of 5,800 front line officers and 7,200 non- frontline officers. Despite the claims by the government that no frontline officers will be cut.

A fifth of all front offices in the country will go as police stations close and forces look to save money by opening desks in supermarkets and libraries.

The HMIC also said that Lincolnshire, Devon & Cornwall and the Met were at great risk of not being able to provide an effective police service to their residents.

Meanwhile, POlicing Minister, Nick Herberts, said:  “This report makes it clear that the front line is being protected overall and that the service to the public has largely been maintained. The proportion of officers on the front line is increasing, the number of neighbourhood officers has gone up, crime is down … and the response to emergency calls is being maintained.

He was last seen entering an office at Whitehall marked ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’.