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June 11th, 2012

More scum

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The latest entry into the “200weeks Scum of the Week Hall of Fame” are two males in the Surrey area who prey on the most vulnerable of society, presumably because they haven’t got the bottle to try it on with anyone remotely capable of fighting back.

Their latest¬†victim¬†was a 99-year-old lady who answered the door to two men claiming to be police officers asking the victim about two men allegedly seen in the area. They entered the lady’s house and stole ¬£300 cash from her purse.

We get lots of cases like this, whether they pretend to be police officers or water board officials, the common factor is the scum-sucking pondlife’s desperation to get money as easily as possible with as little risk as possible.

It’s hard to think of words to describe such scum.