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June 6th, 2012

No Sh*t, Sherlock

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So, Lancashire’s acting police chief has said that the loss of hundreds of officers is causing crime rates in the area to increase. This won’t look good for the Home sec who insists that cutting 20% from police budgets is perfectly achievable without any loss of service to the public, or effect f front-line policing. We all knew she was speaking out of her butt-hole, now it seems someone near the top is prepared to actually come out and say it.

Chris Weigh told his police authority that he was losing 513 front-line officers and that this had an “inevitable” effect on crime.

Figures released in April showed serious acquisitive crime rose 8%, house burglaries were up 8.4%, vehicle crime was up 6.4% and assault without injury was up 15%.

Now that he has put his head above the parapet by saying what nobody in the government wants to hear, who will be next?