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June 3rd, 2012

Here comes the rain, little darlin’

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Well, who pulled the short straw to work the entire Jubilee weekend?

That’ll be me then. The nearest I’ll get to a bowl of celebratory jelly will be during the half hour break we get on bank holidays (which seems strange in itself as we have to work 8 hours and our normal break is an hour, for some reason on a bank holiday we’re only entitled to half an hour – nothing to do with the fact that they don’t employ enough people on a bank holiday to cover the breaks).

It’s not often that I hope for rain, but rain does have an effect of being rather a useful police officer in that it tends to prevent a lot of crime and disorder as most people don’t like standing around in the rain after they tip out of the pubs half legless looking for a fight.

I have no idea how many street parties we’ll be having this holiday break and I really don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but a little timely rain might help with the queues for ambulances and the local A&E.