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April 10th, 2012


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I’m sure this bloke hangs around street corners near me…

April 9th, 2012

Sophie Khan appears to be a bigot

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Who the fuck is Sophie Khan? I hear you ask.

I’m glad you did. She is a solicitor-advocate, whatever one of those is, who specialises “in Actions Against the Police at GT Stewart, an activist & writes for Solicitors Journal, Indy, Guardian and Times Law. ” (GT Stewart are, apparently, her employers, a law firm in London.)

She also very anti-police, one of her most recent tweets was “Good Night all. I’m off to bed. Will be dreaming about suing the police as always. Sweet dreams to you all. I love my job so much :)”

On the 7th of April she posted the following comment on Twatter: “Met Police aren’t just racist while on duty, they are racist off duty. They’re members of BNP scum. Well done on being the most hated.

Insp Gadget points out, this is not just some anti-police hater from down the pub, but someone who purports to have access to  a creating items for national newspapers. Didn’t someone just get locked up for spouting bigoted vitriol on Twitter?

Khan’s comments have raised a certain amount of understandable ire from both police officers and elsewhere. As a result she has removed the comment and also removed her association to her firm of solicitors from her Twatter heading. I wonder why she would do that and whether it has anything to do with her realising that opening her  mouth in that way might not have been such a good idea.

Hmmm, I wonder if the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority have a code of conduct for solicitors.

I’m happy to pass on the same information that gadget does. If you were offended, harassed, alarmed or distressed at her comments you can:

Let her know what you think:!/khan_sophie

Complain to her firm T:

OR Complain to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority

April 8th, 2012

What he said

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April 7th, 2012

You’d have thought they’d know by now

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Logistics Departments, what’s that all about?

Before we had one, supervisors used to sort out all the time off and annual leave. They seemed to manage it quite well, it was reasonably rare to have leave refused, and if it was not possible to grant it, but it was for an important occasion, they’d usually find a way round it.

Then they brought in logistics departments. The one thing guaranteed when you create a department to deal with an issue that doesn’t really exist, is that they will fuck the whole thing up. They’ve been at it for years and they are no better now than they ever were, though all the staff in there have several years more experience by now.

Leave aside the Olympics and the fact that with three months to go to the holiday period, no annual leave has been approved. If you wanted to go abroad this year and needed to book flights, well, good luck. I still don’t know whether I’m going to get a summer holiday or not. Fortunately, we weren’t planning on going abroad though we would still like to book something, if anything is left by the time someone makes a decision on how many staff might be required during the summer.

OK, so the Olympics, is an unusual one, nobody in the force has any experience of policing one, though lord knows how much they’ve spent going abroad and trying to find out.

Christmas, though, is a different matter. As far as I know, they’ve had Christmas Day for the last 50 years. I’m told they had Christmas Day for many years prior to that. I know they had it last year and the year before and every year since the logistics department has been in existence. So why the bloody hell don’t they know how many staff they’re going to need on Christmas Day? I have no plans to go away at Christmas, I never have, but lots of my colleagues would like to. Again, they need to book in advance. Nobody can get leave yet, nobody knows when or if any leave will be approved, including the logistics department.

I sometimes wonder what they all do in their office for eight hours a day.

April 6th, 2012

That’ll stop his farting in church

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This is what happens when you try to rob a shop with a gun, in Brazil. Fortunately, an off duty cop was also in the store.

April 5th, 2012

Not like over here then

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While checking the news websites for inspiration for posts, as I do most days, I came across the story of  43-year-old Kyle Newman, a man from Ontario, Canada who was shot dead by officers in January.

He found a police vehicle and deliberately rammed it from behind. The officer drove off and was followed and rammed again by Newman, who again followed the officer back to the police car park where he rammed the police car and another vehicle before getting out of his vehicle armed with a knife. He ignored requests to put the knife down and charged at two officers who both shot him. Eleven shots were fired and Newman was killed by a bullet to the head.

The Special Investigations Unit, charged with investigating the officers’ actions in Canada, has completed their investigation and found the officers were totally justified in the use of lethal force. It took them less than three mnths to come to this conclusion.

I have posted about this before, especially with regards to non UK police shooting investigations and how speedy they are when compared to the UK, whose officers often have to undergo long periods of investigation and related stress and turmoil for a year or even several before they are found to have been justified in their actions.

April 4th, 2012

Oh you beautiful dog

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You just know the officers in this case are going to have the piss taken out of them for some time to come (if they still allow that sort of thing these days, of course).

Last July I posted about Nottinghamshire officers who broke in to a parked car in the heat to save the life of a toy doll.

This week, officers from the same force broke the window of an unattended vehicle after a passer-by reported to them that a dog was inside the vehicle and had no air. The officers, one hope different ones from last summer’s job, for their own sake, managed to rescue what turned out to be a toy dog. Fortunately, the 80-year old owner of the vehicle saw the funny side and praised the officers for doing what they thought was right to save the dog.

Apparently the force are in discussions with the owner regarding payment for the damage caused.

April 3rd, 2012

Could You?

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Unfortunately, I don’t know who wrote this, it’s doing the rounds on FB & email at the moment:

Could you tell a father his daughter is dead?

Could you tell a mother her son’s in the hospital bed?

Could you keep calm in a frenzied attack?

Could you stand firm when you’d rather go back?

Could you be patient when being constantly lied to?

Could you be alone with nowhere to hide to?

Could you tolerate being abused day and night?

Could you be ready to break up another drunken fight?

Could you live with restrictions to your private life?

Could you be patient with a man who just battered his wife?

Could you be professional dealing with a young boy abused?

Could you be unmoved by a young girl who’s been used?

Could you be prepared to work all manner of hours?

Could you face criticism from those in ivory towers?

Could you explain to your partner why you are late again?

Could you pick up body parts from a person hit by a train?

Could you take a pay cut or pay more into your pension?

Could you deal with evil too dreadful to mention?

Could you rise above being called fat lazy fools?

Could you work when everyone else has downed tools?

Could you be ready to help whether on duty or not?

Could you deal with a baby found dead in the cot?

Could you accept being condemned by politicians?

Could you possibly work under these conditions?

April 2nd, 2012

Thank you

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In memory of all those who fought and died for their country thirty years ago, and with thanks to those who came home, many of whom joined the police service and are still serving their country to this day.

April 1st, 2012

Is the Ambo service Tits-up too?

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I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently about the service the Ambulance folks are providing lately. Now I’m not singling them out for criticism, readers will know how critical I can be of the police service, but it seems the Ambo service are getting worse and worse.

I’m sure it’s to do with cuts and the management trying to squeeze each last little drop from all the people they employ, but I’,m amazed this is not mentioned more in the press. It’s getting to appallingly dangerous levels.

It used to be whenever we called an ambulance, one was sent. End of story. now it seems a lottery as to whether one is sent at all.

In the last week alone I must have personally dealt with a dozen incidents where no ambulance was available. We had one of our staple diet calls to a woman who had fallen behind locked doors. Sometimes it is the person themselves who calls 999, sometimes they press their emergency button to call centre who ring us, sometimes it’s a carer or Meals on Wheels who can’t get a reply, but the story is the same; an elderly person has had an incident and can’t get to the door.

Sure enough, we arrived, gained entry to the house and found an 87-year-old woman on the floor. On this occasion we had called an ambulance straight away because the lady had called her care centre saying she couldn’t get up.

After about 20 minutes we call the Ambo control asking for an ETA, they say they haven’t sent one and ask if it’s still required. We explain that we wouldn’t be ringing for an ETA if it wasn’t required, we’d be ringing to cancel them (well we don’t actually say that because we are polite and professional – well, I am). They say they haven’t got one and are waiting for one to come free.

Another 30 minutes goes by and Ambo control ring us checking if an ambulance is still required as they still haven’t got one. We say it is, another 15 minutes and we ring again, they say they haven’t got one and politely ask if we can take the lady to hospital. we politely decline because our officers aren’t trained to lift and transport frail 87-year-old ladies who might have broken their hips or have any other medical condition which hairy-arsed coppers might make worse by trying to help out another service that can’t cope.

I went off duty after 90 minutes so I don’t know when or if the ambo turned up.

This week we had an RTC, same story, several calls to Ambo, 45 mins to arrive after they managed to release an ambo from a previous drop at a hospital  20 miles away. Then, later in the same shift someone needed to go to hospital after being assaulted. This time a single crewed paramedic arrived. There was no ambulance available. After half an hour we sent a police van, put the patient in the van, with the paramedic, drove 30 miles to one of the few hospitals in the area that still have an A&E, and had to provide another officer to drive the paramedic’s car to the hospital so he didn’t have to walk back and collect his car from the scene.

If this is representative of the way the Ambo service is going, I’m really surprised the Daily Fail isn’t publishing stories daily.