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April 9th, 2012

Sophie Khan appears to be a bigot

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Who the fuck is Sophie Khan? I hear you ask.

I’m glad you did. She is a solicitor-advocate, whatever one of those is, who specialises “in Actions Against the Police at GT Stewart, an activist & writes for Solicitors Journal, Indy, Guardian and Times Law. ” (GT Stewart are, apparently, her employers, a law firm in London.)

She also very anti-police, one of her most recent tweets was “Good Night all. I’m off to bed. Will be dreaming about suing the police as always. Sweet dreams to you all. I love my job so much :)”

On the 7th of April she posted the following comment on Twatter: “Met Police aren’t just racist while on duty, they are racist off duty. They’re members of BNP scum. Well done on being the most hated.

Insp Gadget points out, this is not just some anti-police hater from down the pub, but someone who purports to have access to ¬†a creating items for national newspapers. Didn’t someone just get locked up for spouting bigoted vitriol on Twitter?

Khan’s comments have raised a certain amount of understandable ire from both police officers and elsewhere. As a result she has removed the comment and also removed her association to her firm of solicitors from her Twatter heading. I wonder why she would do that and whether it has anything to do with her realising that opening her ¬†mouth in that way might not have been such a good idea.

Hmmm, I wonder if the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority have a code of conduct for solicitors.

I’m happy to pass on the same information that gadget does. If you were offended, harassed, alarmed or distressed at her comments you can:

Let her know what you think:!/khan_sophie

Complain to her firm T:

OR Complain to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority