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April 3rd, 2012

Could You?

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Unfortunately, I don’t know who wrote this, it’s doing the rounds on FB & email at the moment:

Could you tell a father his daughter is dead?

Could you tell a mother her son’s in the hospital bed?

Could you keep calm in a frenzied attack?

Could you stand firm when you’d rather go back?

Could you be patient when being constantly lied to?

Could you be alone with nowhere to hide to?

Could you tolerate being abused day and night?

Could you be ready to break up another drunken fight?

Could you live with restrictions to your private life?

Could you be patient with a man who just battered his wife?

Could you be professional dealing with a young boy abused?

Could you be unmoved by a young girl who’s been used?

Could you be prepared to work all manner of hours?

Could you face criticism from those in ivory towers?

Could you explain to your partner why you are late again?

Could you pick up body parts from a person hit by a train?

Could you take a pay cut or pay more into your pension?

Could you deal with evil too dreadful to mention?

Could you rise above being called fat lazy fools?

Could you work when everyone else has downed tools?

Could you be ready to help whether on duty or not?

Could you deal with a baby found dead in the cot?

Could you accept being condemned by politicians?

Could you possibly work under these conditions?