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March 18th, 2012

Almost no silver left to sell

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News today which will come as no surprise, certainly to readers of this blog as I’ve mentioned it several times before.

Record numbers of police stations are closing and are due to be closed. The report in the Telegraph mentions the recent 20% funding cuts but this has been on the cards for several years. We’ve been selling off police property for years now.

Police managers call it ‘service improvement’ but everyone else just calls it selling off the family silver and sending the service to the public further down the pan.

Apparently there are around 1,300 police stations, or should that be ‘were’? A third of them have closed in the last 2 years or are due to be shut. It’s better for the public to make them report everything by email or get them to drive twenty miles or more to find a police station that is open.

The way to go is to open offices in supermarkets, which is strange given that in our force we tried having ‘police shops’ where we’d take over a closed shop in the town centre and use it as a surgery. They didn’t last long because they were expensive and people either never found out about them or didn’t want the world and his wife seeing them in the police shop while they were out shopping.

I expect now though, it will be a wonderful idea and someone will get another promotion or two for seeing the great sell of through.