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March 15th, 2012

Apparently, we haven’t bent over far enough

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for Tom Winsor, who today comes up with even more suggestions to fuck the police, and thus the public, even further up the arse, without the lube.

So, apart from the 20% cut in police budget, tens of thousands of job cuts, increased pension contributions for a lesser pension reward, several thousand pounds cut in renumeration and payments, pay freeze for the last 2 years and just 1% for the next two, we’re now expected to cut the starting salary for new officers by another £4,000 to £17,000 – £19,000 – depending which news report you read.

Officers who have sacrificed their safety and health for the public, such as all those officers who get injured or assaulted on duty, who, as a result of those injuries, are no longer able to fulfill a full front-line role, and would have been looked after by the job by giving a role elsewhere, will now be sacked – or ‘made redundant’.

Hogan-Howe, he who promised so much recently in the war against the government’s incessant need to slash the effectiveness of the British police, appears to have rolled over at the first obstacle, if the interview with him on the Six o’Clock News tonight was anything to go by.

Slip a few statements into the news release just to make sure public sympathy continues to swing against officers and thus making it more palatable for all the other shite they’re bringing in, such as 52% of officers are obese so would either get fit or get sacked, and the job’s a good ‘un.

GMP Chief Peter – Sycophantics-R-Us  Fahy, goes all out to support his officers, not,  by saying: “Policing has become far more complex and specialised. Our staff want to see their individual talent and contribution recognised and the public want to see police effort targeted where it will have most impact.” Forgetting that he is part of the reason the public have been denied the opportunity to have policing directed in an effective way by the way they have overseen a meaningless target-driven culture for the last 15 years. What he really means is, give it to me big boys, I’ll implement it, can I have my tea and medals, and how about a nice job in the Inspectorate of Constabulary?

Policing is far more complex and specialised? My fucking arse, policing is the same now as it was  when the Bow Street Runners were doing their thing. It’s about protecting life and property, the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. You don’t need a fucking degree in Greek Philosphy or some other meaningless shite to know that. You need a basic understanding of the role of the police which is based on the same principles as when the police were first formalised and not based on some blue-sky twaddle from whoever happens to be paying the bills at the time.

What a bunch of fucking wankers.

Annoyed, much?