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March 11th, 2012

Like anyone actually believed you

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So it seems that what everyone in the police service knew, despite what the government was saying, was absolute bollocks. How the fuck they think they can knock 20% off the police budget and not affect front-line services is beyond me.

Freedom of Information requests to all forces have so far revealed that over 5,000 front line officers have been taken away. That’s 5,000 front line officers, 5,000 officers from the area of policing that the government said would not be affected. 5,000 fewer officers to answer all those 999 calls.

Strangely, knocking 20% off the budget hasn’t knocked 20% off the number of calls we get every day, it just means that there are 5,000 less officers to deal with all those calls. And we’re talking about actual  police officers whose job it is to be out there on the streets dealing with emergencies and everything else, not shiny arsed stats collectors, or diversity officers, or planning officers.

Oh, and only just over half of the forces have responded to the FOI request for this info, so the total figure across the country is likely to be significantly higher. And the figures only cover up to March 2011 and I don’t recall any front line officers being recruited over the last 12 months, so it’s gonna be higher still.

You can tell a politician in government is talking bollocks; their lips move.