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March 10th, 2012

World’s Apart

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PC David Rathband’s memorial service was today. I’ve only seen some limited footage this evening so I have no idea how big the event was or how many people attended. I don’t recall seeing anything in my force about it or information regarding representatives of my force attending so I have no idea if we were there or not.

Those who have followed this blog for any time will recall seeing the different way we do things over here in terms of police memorials as opposed to how they do things in the States, where it seems a fallen officer is regarded far more highly amongst fellow officers and the public than over here.

Of course, there is a dichotomy in PC Rathband’s case. The officer did not die on duty but as a result of suicide. Few people would not draw the conclusion though, that his suicide was a direct result of injuries inclicted on him when some scum low-life tried to murder him, and that he really died as a direct result of what happened to him that day.

It will be interesting to see how the UK Police react to his funeral next week.

There are some examples of what I mean here, here, here and here.