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March 5th, 2012

Another fail

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Headlines today that the police have ‘lost’ 850 registered sex offenders. Being as it’s the Daily Fail, you know it is the fault of the police. Nothing to do with the fucking awful legislative system this country has and the little understanding anyone, fail at the top of the list, knows about what it takes to keep tabs on a group of people who are completely free to go about their business every day unimpeded by any meaningful intervention by anyone.

What happens when someone is convicted of a sex offence is that they get put on the sex offenders’ register. This means that they have to notify the police of their address, can’t move house without prior consultation with the authorities and, depending on the seriousness of their offence, may have a specially trained police officer pop round for a chat every now and then, just to make sure they aren’t being naughty.

In our force there are less than 4 officers responsible for serious sex offenders. Because society has no viable alternatives to keep the public safe, the system relies on these officers knowing everything about every movement these offenders make. This is of course, impossible; there are hundreds of offenders that come under their remit and even with the worst offenders, they’d be lucky to have  a couple of hours contact with each one a month. The Sunday Times reported recently that the Met were supplying up tom 60 officers to keep tabs on Abu Qatatada at a cost of between 1 and 5 million a year. How can a team of just a few officers possibly keep tabs on every sex offender in the county?

If a sex offender wants to go out for the day, there is nothing to stop them, if they want to spend the night away from their home address, who will know, if they walk out the door and don’t come back, how the bloody hell will anyone know until the next chat with the sex offender team reveals they’re no longer there?

As usual, it falls on the police to do a complete and thorough job, which is impossible, with  a few of the cops that are actually left and  no money to do it.

So it’s quite easy for the Fail to blame the police, as they usually do. I mean, it’s not as iff the press ever fuck anything up with sex offenders, is it?