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February 20th, 2012

It could have been so different

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Apparently, a man has been shot in London. Apparently he threatened police officers with a large bladed weapon (some reports are calling it a sword).

Apparently they did what most police officers in this country have to do because they can’t save themselves or anyone else for that matter, from a man who is threatening people with a knife; they retreated and called for someone who did have the right tools for the job.

Apparently the man came at them again with the knife.

Apparently he was Tasered and then shot and is now in a critical condition.

Doubtless people will be calling for protest, civil disobedience and/or revenge.

Nobody, including the people tasked with investigating the incident, will be calling for the police to have the ability to deal with such people off the bat, nor will they be advertising that it was lucky it happened in London, where the highest proportion of armed officers can be found, because if it happened round these parts it might have been an hour or more before an officer suitably equipped to protect anyone on the scene actually arrived.

In America, police chiefs would be queuing up to tell the public that if you try to attack one of their officers with a knife, you can rightly expect to be shot. Over here, police chiefs will say nothing.