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February 12th, 2012

Whitney Who?

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Apparently another multi-millionaire died last night.

I’m a regular viewer of the late night BBC News channel. I have to say after about 15 minutes of gushing drivel about one of society’s richest most privileged people croaking, probably due in no small part to her inability to control her own life, I had to turn the TV off.

With so much money and access to almost anything they might ever want, it’s funny how they so often turn to drink and drugs.

These people are of no√ā¬†importance.

Important people dying do so in such places as Afghanistan and Iraq, earn less than √ā¬£35,000 and are only known to their mates, colleagues and families. You’ll read a few paragraphs about them if you read anything at all.

Meanwhile the papers and TV reports are full of gushing shite.