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February 9th, 2012

Is that with or without the Vaseline, sir?

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There are times when I’d like to report what is going on in the control room to let people know just exactly what we have to put up with in terms of our working practices and what the public have to put up with in terms of how we are told to deal, or not deal with what people thin we should be dealing with, and how they are being shafted.

Many of these things will be generic and pertain to many control rooms up and down the country. Some of them are regional and come from a small group of local forces who are increasingly banding together to ‘deliver a quality service’ or ‘save money and fool the public into thinking they’re getting something better, which they are not’.

Some are specific to our control room and to reveal them would reveal too much about the location.

Sadly, I have to bite my tongue sometimes. Suffice it to say lots of people in the control room are preparing to bend over while the management shaft them without any lubrication. I have no idea whether other control rooms are doing the same or it’s just us. Until I find out, I’ll have to keep shtum.