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February 3rd, 2012

Whoops, there it goes

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Another spell of bad weather, another opportunity for certain scumbags to get a  free car.

We’ve been having a spate of car thefts this week as people discover their windscreens frosted up. I’ve been getting up a few minutes earlier than usual, scraping the windows down and then using the heater to blast off the internal condesnsation off the windscreen, much like most drivers in the winter.

Some folk think it’s a good idea to go out to the car, turn the engine on and then go back in the house while the engine warms up the heater and the car does all the work. And some of those folk don’t have a car any more.

We’ve lost some good quality ones this week, stolen off the drive in what car thieves must think is Christmas. The hapless car owner comes out to get into a nice, warm and thoroughly defrosted car only to find there it was, gone.

Psst, it;s not a very good idea to give thieves free and easy access to your worldly goods, even if it is bloody cold.