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January 17th, 2012

I bet they did this in Dock Green

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There’s a new TV Cop show which aired tonight on BBC One; Crime Scene Forensics follows Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCOs) as they investigate crime scenes in Bedfordshire over the period of one year.

The programme isn’t over yet but the one thing that strikes me is that a lot of the public are going to be completely underwhelmed. When you’re brought up on a diet of hi-tech CSI: Miami and associated dramas with all their whizzy gadgets and technical gizzmos, it must be really surprising to find that we still rely on dusting aluminium powder to lift finger prints. And no computers in sight.

I wonder who it was that discovered that heated superglue can cause its fumes to adhere to fingerprints and what they were doing when they found out.

Strange, with all the other developments in policing, that the best techniques available are ones that were taking place when I joined 33 years ago.