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January 10th, 2012

Too much time in a pigeon hole

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That’s where a lot of people in the police service spend their existence.

Everyone considers their department the most important. The Sexual Offences Unit is out there protecting victims of some of the most life-affecting traumas. The Domestic Violence Unit is trying to stop women being murdered by their ex-partners. The Burglary squad is trying to protect people from having their lives and houses intruded upon. The DI is trying to protect his crime figures from going  up and thus protecting his arse on the chair of his office.

All of them have a ‘stake’ in the stuff we deal with day-to-day in the control room.

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will be fully versed with the pressures front-line officers are under to deal with all the jobs that come our way, every morning, noon and night on every day of the year. Put simply, there are not enough officers to deal with all the workload we get and every single shift every single day we tell people we are sorry but we’re not coming for maybe a few hours to a few days and longer.

When you get an allegation of a sex crime the specialist unit calls up or types on the log that they want to treat this job as a priority. When we get what might be a high-risk domestic incident which may or may not end up with a dead body (usually it doesn’t but you never know) the DV unit either calls up or writes on the logs that this job needs to be dealt with as a priority. When a burglary comes in where there is a whiff that we might be able to detect the offender, the Burglary Squad either calls up or writes on the log that they want this job treated as a priority, you get the picture.

Sometimes we get all three types of jobs at the same time and all the departments are making their demands. None of them see the overall picture and none of them accept that police officers are sometimes really really busy.

Yet when their job doesn’t get the priority they think it deserves, it’s the controller that gets it in the neck the next day when the arm-chair quarterbacks have had their five-penneth.

It’s getting like you can’t go for a piss without getting someone else to make a decision these days the amount of  arse-covering going on, so if you haven’t covered your own arse as a controller and passed the buck to someone else to make any kind of decision, you better watch out.