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January 9th, 2012

Glad I’m out of it

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So the new police pay regulations are starting to take form after arbitration sided with the government lackey train-set driver Tom Winsor.

Headline figures suggest scrapping of ‘Special Priority Payments’ which will see officers losing around £1,000 a year, increased pension payments and another pay-freeze for two years. But it’s OK because during riots officer forced to spend a night away from home in another force area will get fifty quid.

The Police Federation said it was disappointed by the outcome but would accept the ruling. Federation Chairman Paul McKeevor said:  “We know that many police officers across England and Wales will be angry and dismayed about their future. However, we entered into the negotiation process in good faith and therefore, whilst not happy with the entire decision, accept their ruling.”

Moving forward, we will do everything in our power at the police negotiating board to minimise the negative impact today’s decision could have on police officers,” which will be about the square root of fuck-all.