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January 4th, 2012


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To the Daily Telegraph journalist who asked me for √ā¬†some input into a forthcoming√ā¬†article√ā¬†on policing and race as a result of the Stephen Lawrence trial, I wasn’t even out of bed by the time you wanted my opinion.

I can probably cut down the 400-500 words required to this though.

Any crime against an individual is wr0ng, no matter what their colour, religion or size of their stomach. If it is wrong to discriminate against someone for an ‘ism’ it is equally wrong to favour someone for an ‘ism’ and someone who isn’t subject of an ‘ism’ against them should be entitled to the same treatment as everyone who is. The same range of punishments should be available to their offender as it is to an ‘ism’ offender.

Society has merely replaced one form of discrimination with another.