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January 3rd, 2012

They call the wind, bloody inconvenient

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You know you’re in for a busy shift when the weather bowls a googly.

I imagine that our force area will be lighting up on Greenpeace’s forestry map of the world with large red dots showing the swathes of forestry we lost in the last 24 hours. While everyone worries about the Amazonian Rain Forest who cares about all the trees down in our county? I’m sure we lost enough to cover the size of a small country such as Wales. Or at least the 999 calls we had today about fallen trees might suggest.

Doubtless, with weather forecasts in hand, the highways authority had extra staff all equipped with chainsaws and grab lorries, er, no. I have no idea how many man hours were taken up by police officers waiting for overly-stretched highways staff today, but it was a lot.

Fortunately, we didn’t lose anyone, as far as I’m aware. Unlike the great winds of the eighties when someone in our area was struck and killed by a falling tree. There are some deaths you don’t agonise over, I’ve never had much sympathy for people who inject themselves with naughty substances and wake up from their drug induced stupor to find themselves dead, for instance, but others just seem so unfair, Being killed because you were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the very second something bad happened.

This country really is shit at bad weather.