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December 30th, 2011

200weeks is….

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I’ve posted many times about the seedier side of Facebook and how it now accounts for 20% of calls to police.*

It seems police officers are not exempt from the  troubles that Facebook brings.

A story on the BBC today reveals that at least one officer has been sacked and 150 disciplined regarding their behaviour on Facebook. Some have used it to harass ex-partners and colleagues. One officer from Hampshire was sacked for posting a racist comment. Others have been stuck on for talking about the job. I know officers who have been sanctioned for, would you believe, complaining about control room staff on jobs they’ve been sent to.

I know a few people personally whose sole input into Facebook appears to be to boast about how pissed they were, are or are going to be.

Whilst I thing that police officers should have a right to privacy whilst off duty and freedom of expression, you have to wonder at the common sense, or lack of, that some officers use when posting on the likes of Facebook.


* I made that statistic up, I have no idea what percentage of calls to police are Facebook -related, but it’s bloody disproportionate.