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December 16th, 2011

I always wanted letters after my name

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So the latest idea of Home Secretary Theresa May is to create a new professional√ā¬†policing√ā¬†body, to which all police officers will pay between √ā¬£50 and √ā¬£250, depending on rank, to be a member.

It’s not clear whether it will replace the Police Federation, or run alongside (or should that be against), but May says that the√ā¬†purpose√ā¬†is to√ā¬†“develop policing as a single profession” and “act only in the public interest.” So nothing about acting in the members’ interest, then?

Initial√ā¬†reaction√ā¬†from some colleagues is rather muted, though one or two are saying that if she expects police officers to pay √ā¬£50 of their hard earned, she can go poke it up her arse.

Apparently, part of the ethos for setting up such a professional organisation – for which officers will need qualifications to join – is the reduction of bureaucracy. I love it when in order to reduce bureaucracy you haev to create something which in itself creates more bureaucracy.

I know that some other professionas have ‘professional bodies’ to which they must belong in order to get a job. I can’t see this one for the police coming in without a lot of pissed-off-edness.