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December 15th, 2011

Stop funding wasters

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I mean to post about a programme I heard on the radio on the way int work the other week.

I think it was Victoria Derbyshire’s slot on Radio Five and they were discussing government proposals to limit the amount of free cash they give to spongers families on benefits to an amount which stopped increasing at four children. I can’t remember which government mouthpiece was fronting the idea but he or she said that there was a limit to free money and if people wanted more than four children they should not expect the government (you an me) to pay for it.

I recall a woman with ten children on the phone saying√ā¬†things√ā¬†like ‘how dare the government dictate how many children she can have’ and ‘what’s next, a China-like law preventing people from having kids?’ She made the point that her husband had always been in employment and she was not subject to any additional government handouts, thus completely missing the point that the suggested initiative didn’t actually apply to her. As far as the initiative is concerned, she can have as many kids as she wants, as long as she pays for them.

There isn’t much I agree with the Conservative Party, usually on principle, but I have to agree on this one.

When Mrs Weeks and I decided to have children, we made the responsible decision that even if my wife gave up her job, which paid more than my police wages, to look after our children full time, we would still be able to bring a child or two into the world and fund them off the back of a single wage. When we had a second, we made the same decisions.

Of course, if you don’t have any wages, you don’t have to make the same careful decisions, because the government will fund the kids for you. And guess what, the more you have the more√ā¬†funding√ā¬†you’ll get, and here’s a bonus, the more kids you have the bigger the√ā¬†house√ā¬†you can have too.

So it’s like a bit of a breath of fresh air to think that someone is talking about putting a stop to the kiddy boom gravy train. Not that the people who are the biggest spongers in this department have the common sense to think about limiting their child-creating opportunities.

If you have loads of kids but pay for them through hard-earned wages, I’m not talking about you. If you are unemployed, watch Jeremy Kyle, smoke and drink, have kids who play truant, have several children each with a different father, are regular customers of the old bill, or just expect the tax-payer to fund your sorry life, I am talking about you.