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December 14th, 2011

A game of consequences

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The following video was posted on YouTube a few days ago and already has over 1.2 million hits. It has appeared on the national TV news today also amidst questions of whether the man who came to the aid of the ticket inspector was in the right or could be arrested.

A belligerent student is confronted on a train for not having a ticket. He uses foul and abusive language and refuses to leave the train when the inspector has it halted at a railway station.

Another passenger steps up and ass the inspector if he would like some help ejecting the lad from the train. He then picks him up out of his seat and throws him off the train, the lad immediately tries to get back in and is thrown off again.

News reports suggest that the man may get arrested for assault after the lad and his parents made a complaint to police.

The man who filmed the incident has said that the incident started five minutes before he decided to film it. Five ├é┬áminutes in which the lad had plenty of opportunity to explain his position, buy a ticket, pay a fine or leave the train. It is claimed that he a) gave the ticket inspector the wrong ticket and that he did have one and b) that he had been given two single tickets for the same journey instead of one each way. If this is true, he had lots of opportunity to check which tickets he had bought when he bought them. He had opportunity to explain fully in a calm and collected manner without telling the ticket inspector to fuck off. He had lots of opportunities to leave the train at the request of someone lawfully authorised to request him to leave. He could have left when the ‘big man’ took him by the shoulder and told him to get off the train. He could have remained on the platform rather than trying to force his way back onto the train which then saw him being forcibly ejected again, which apparently is when he fell and grazed his cheek.

In other words, he is the author of his own destiny.

My hat is well and truly off the the ‘big man’. If more people were like him and regarded it as their civic duty to jump in and assist people having trouble with arseholes who think they can behave however they please, we would not have half the problems we have to put up with these days.

It is because people have gotten away with the ‘me, me me’ attitude and the couldn’t give a shit for anyone else that we have a generation or more of people who behave like this. Nobody is willing to draw a line in the sand and say ‘enough’ any more and there will be consequences.

He found out what the consequences were, perhaps he’ll think twice about travelling on trains without the correct tickets in future.