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December 10th, 2011

Robbing Graves

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The latest inductee into the ‘2oo Weeks Scum of the Week Hall of Fame‘ is an, as yet,√ā¬†unnamed√ā¬†woman who has been captured doing her scummy deeds on CCTV in Barking, East London.

11-year-old Robert Stringer died in 1980, his father died in 1984 and his mother died in 2009. They are all buried in the same plot in the√ā¬†cemetery√ā¬†in Barking.

Over a number of weeks family members noticed ornaments, baskets and flowers disappearing from the grave. After several incidents they decided to set up a CCTV camera which captured what appears to be a middle-aged woman kneeling at the grave and filling bags with flowers, she walks off with the items.

After some local publicity the police received a call from a woman who was so disgusted with the thief’s actions that she felt the only action to take was to name the woman. The family of Robert have said that the police told them the informant was the thief’s daughter.

Talk about robbing the dead, what an eminently proper entry into the Hall of Fame.