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December 9th, 2011


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News today that a Leicestershire Police Inspector who was sacked from the force may have killed his wife and six-year-old daughter and tried to kill his two sons. Police were called to his house in Melton Mowbray where they discovered the dead body of 37-year-old Toby Day. His wife and daughter died from their injuries. His two sons are in hospital and described as stable.

It is very difficult to understand what could bring someone to kill their own children and even more difficult when that person is a police officer. You live as an officer for the majority of your working life, even after you stop wearing a blue suit you remain as you always were. There is something which you like to think differentiates you from the mere mortals you deal with every day, something in your makeup, your psyche which you hope inures you to the weaknesses of others. This is why it is always so sad when another officer slips from their position in the world and ends up in some kind of stupid trouble.

It’s very difficult to imagine anthing expect disgust and contempt for anyone who could do such a thing, police officer or not.