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December 8th, 2011

Green Shoots

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Is there some light on the horizon perhaps?

Footage of new Met Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, talking to members of the Metropolitan Police  & London Authorities. You just got to love the bit where he says he gives straight answers rather than answers that politicians give, and the uproar that anti-police members Jenny Jones and Dee Doocey show, and the frankly laughable comment that Doocey makes when she is completely affronted at the suggestion that politicians don’t give straight answers. She then goes on to show a complete lack of listening skills tainted by her anti-police stance when she says Hogan-Howe accused politicians of lying; he did no such thing at any point but it doesn’t stop Doocey making it up, what she actually does is make herself look like a complete tosser.

And Jenny Jones has a weird appreciation of what makes a ‘macho man’ judging by the statement of fact she reads out as a quote from a Met officer towards the end of the footage.

And these people are running London and policing in London, sheesh!

Good for the Met boss.