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December 2nd, 2011

Scratch 6 Burglars

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I love it when a plan comes together.

The call came in as usual from someone who had seen 3 guys somewhere they shouldn’t have been. It’s a disused commercial premises. I’m not sure whether they went bust or just moved to India, but they left all the buildings. It’s quite a large area. From time to time it gets broken into by burglars chancing their arm that there is still stuff they can flog, metal & cable thieves who want to rip out the innards, or just semi-brave adventurers who want to photograph the dereliction and stick the shot sup on the Internet.

In a rare moment of surprise I found that I had 3 or 4 units to send to the scene. Using our mapping computer I directed people to cover the perimeter, called a dog and the chopper. Unusually, our dog was in the same county so he made and the helicopter was just 10 minutes away.

The first unit on scene hit the front gates, nothing seen. the second was around one of the side and found a hole cut in the fence. The third was sent into the grounds of a school which backed on to the complex. He could see 5 or 6 males inside with hammers, crowbars and bags. The officer hid in a bush and gave a commentary. The males walked towards another side of the site out of his view.

The helicopter and dog arrived at the same time. I love the helicopter getting to the scene before the job is over. It means I can watch the footage from their heat seeking cameras and watch the bad boys getting surrounded by the boys and girls in blue.

We’d been watching them for a good 15 minutes by the time the dog was put in. The baddies did a starburst and took it on their toes most of them heading straight towards where officers had been plotted up.

Two were quickly rounded up. Two made it over the fence and after initially running out onto the street, then broke into a jovial walk like they were out to buy a paper. You can’t tell expressions from a black and white negative image ona  screen, but I bet they changed when the firearms car pulled up beside them and promptly nicked them.

There aren’t many people can outrun an Alsatian at full pelt which made the spectacle of the chase somewhat shortened, but it looked great on screen. Especially when it took down the last of the burglars.

It might even make one of those Cop Action programmes on the TV one day. Put me in a good mood for the rest of the shift.