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November 17th, 2011

Who commits the most crime, you decide

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I wonder how much crime is committed by our foreign guests and what proportion of it is attributable to people from other shores.

I was flicking through  the ‘most wanted’ section of our website and couldn’t fail to notice that around 70% of the names appeared to be of people from other countries. I don’t think our area has any greater proportion of foreign residents than anywhere else. We have nothing like the proportions of immigrants that some of the big city forces have, we probably have much less than many forces.

It is a totally unscientific approach, of course, without looking at the individuals concerned it is impossible to know whether they were born in the UK, are long term immigrants or short term ‘economic’ visitors, but the most wanted list appears to have been biased towards non British names for months. And whilst you tend to get to know the names of the local criminals working in the force for so many years, there was only one name I recognised.

I wonder if there are any statistics available and whether any conclusions drawn are being discussed in the right places or whether you just get labelled as a racist for suggesting such horrors.