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November 7th, 2011

Where the Grass isn’t green

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The tax payers of Sussex have may be unaware but they are currently flushing √ā¬£22,000 and counting at √ā¬£4,400 straight down the drain whilst one of their police officers is suspended from duty whilst being investigated by Sussex Police’s Professional Standards Department.

He was suspended in June this year and remains on √ā¬†full pay whilst an allegation against him is carried out. Who knows how much the local tax-payer will end up shelling out given the inability to investigate anything in much less than a year.

You’d have thought to have a Chief Inspector sitting on his arse at home for 5 months he must have done something pretty serious. (or ‘alleged’ to have done something serious, as the force is keen to point out.

The allegation against√ā¬†Chief Inspector Mark Ling is that he sent an allegedly racist joke to some colleagues via text message, also that he sent a rude version of the children’s nursery rhyme ‘Little Miss Muffet’ taking the piss out of Hastings, where he worked.

As a Sussex Police spokesperson said: “This was not a decision taken lightly, but the nature of the allegation – the sending of an ‘offensive’ text message – was such that it was felt that the Force needed to take immediate action pending an investigation.

It should be stressed that the allegations are yet to be fully investigated and the suspension reflects only the Force’s view of the seriousness of an allegation of this nature.

‘Yet to be fully investigated’? WTF, it’s November! If the force can’t investigate the sending of a poor taste joke in 5 months (it should take about 2 days) how can the public have any confidence that any of the police budget is being spent efficiently? Thank goodness the allegation isn’t anything as complicated as a crime or anything.

This really shows that the diversity industry is finally achieving it’s aim, that of √ā¬†making thoughts illegal and the slavish√ā¬†adherence√ā¬†to the path of changing views through force can reap great reward.

As the people who think the best way to deal with the issue is to bubble someone up to their employer, wouldn’t asking the bloke not to send you jokes or explaining to them why you find it offensive have been a more valid option.

Meanwhile the Sussex Police budget throws away another √ā¬£148 every day.