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October 18th, 2011

Quel surprise

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So the official report on Liam Fix is out today. I don’t suppose anyone is in the least bit surprised at the findings.

It seems everyone knew what he was up to, and several of them warned him about it, yet he still continued. If the report comes to the conclusion he breached the ministerial code, I;m bloody sure Fox himself knew, oh, sorry, I forgot, he’s an MP and therefore has the brains of carrot and the morals of something that doesn’t have any morals.

The report shows Werrity was  security risk. Still Fox can bask in the glory that he has been found not to have made any money from the debacle. The fact that tens of thousands of pounds changed hand at his behest in order to fund his pal’s jollies abroad is clearly of no relevance.

It only goes to prove to me what a gutless wonder Cameron is. If he didn’t know within five minutes of the story breaking what his minister had been up to then clearly he isn’t fit to lead a queue for the bogs, much less the country.