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October 8th, 2011

Another one for the list

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On a busy shift you sometimes hate the little computer messages which flash up on your screen to say you have another job on the list. It could be a case where someone’s life is actually and really in danger or it could be someone who can’t be arsed to block someone from Facebook and wants the police to sort it out for them, and everything in between.

If it’s an emergency, you have to pick the job up on the computer as soon as you can because, though we don’t collect stats any more, yeah right, Mrs May, we are measure don how long it takes to pick up the phone and if it’s a grade one, or emergency job, we have 3 minutes between the time the call is answered and the time a police unit is despatched. And that includes taking the relevant information from the caller, creating a log, filling in all the fields, sending it over to a controller, a controller picking it up and reading it, a controller risk assessing it to decide who, how many and if to send someone straight away while doing background checks on any names mentioned or previous incidents at the location which might tell us whether the last time polcie attended they were attacked with a knife, or something, then finding a free unit to attend. Three minutes.

When the call-taker files the job before sending it over, they should check to see whether we already know about it. On a lot of incidents many people report the same thing within a few minutes, those calls call go to different controllers who all create a job, the first one created goes to the controller, all the others should be matched to it so you don’t have half a dozen open logs for the same incident.

Sometimes the log creator doesn’t do this, or sometimes they do but either don’t realise that the other job of the same nature, at the same time and in the same area is the same job. Confusion can occur when people don’t know exactly where they are, or get the street name wrong.  So we can get several logs, all grade one calls reporting the same thing and while we are picking up each log, we are still trying to deal with the first log, it can be bloody infuriating, especially when it’s blatently bloody obviously the same job but people haven’t checked or put two and two together.