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October 4th, 2011

…in the wind

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So the Daily Fail is reporting that police officers up and down the c0untry will be working to rule in protest against the government’s 20% cuts to police funding.

Federation sources say that officers will decline to do many of the duties they perform voluntarily thus forcing their chiefs to pay more cash to get cover. For instance, officers will stop arriving for work 30 minutes before their duty starts, will stop volunteering for public order or firearms units and decline to provide other goodwill services for which they are not paid.

Police officers are subject to a two-year pay freeze on top of being forced to pay an additional 3.2% into their pension schemes. They are also undergoing a pay review which could see their cash reduced by a further 8%.

A recent survey by the Police Federation found that 98% of respondents in the police service felt morale was lower now than when the Coalition Government came into power.

Personally, I have not heard a single one of  the officers I know talking about this. I feel the Federation have a little way to go before anything remotely meaningful takes place.