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October 2nd, 2011

What is the point of security guards?

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Clearly the point of security guards round my way is to sit on their arse in an office or portakabin watching CCTV screens while downloading porn off the internet.

Well, it might as well be.

Any hint of a problem with a patient at the local hospital and they are straight on the phone to the police. “Why can’t your security staff eject that drunken trouble-maker?”, “Er, they’re not allowed to.”

“What, someone on a section is trying to leave the ward? What about locking the doors or getting the security staff to stop them?”, “They’re not allowed to.”

Or the security guards on an industrial estate who discovered an insecure door in one of the units. “Can you send police in case it’s been broken into?” “Well, have you checked if it’s been broken into?” “No, there might be someone inside.”

Or the security staff who call the police to eject some kids from the land they are supposed to be providing security for.

It seems that security staff can’t actually do anything, except pick up the phone.