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October 1st, 2011

Take another layer off

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Sometimes working in the control room is like working in a submarine – it’s full of people who sooner or later smell – no (actually it is in some people’s regard), it’s like working in a little box, like a nuclear bunker. You leave the joys of the outside world and go into a room where most of the blinds are pulled down to keep unwanted light off the computer screens and people’s eyes, breathing what some architect somewhere euphemistically calls ‘air-conditioned air, then you emerge 10 hours later into the light and fresh air.

It’s been like that this week. The hottest days of the year, in bloody autumn for goodness sake – why can’t it have been like on my summer holiday? – I’ve walked into the control room and come at the end of the shift with no conception of what the weather’s been like.

Sometimes the only time you realise it’s pouring down with rain is when you notice it on the town centre CCTV.

We work in a strange atmosphere, it is usually the opposite of whatever you want it to be, and can be so at the same time for different people. I have never worn anything more than a shirt in the whole time I have been there, not once, ever, yet I sit next to people have been known to wear two fleeces on top of a jumper or cardi and we’re only a few feet apart.

It seems to have its very own micro-climates, which is very strange since I thought the whole idea of having an air conditioning system was that it was the same everywhere.

It really is a place where you can’t please everyone, and don’t the ones who can’t be pleased make it known?